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Congratulations You Amazing Beautiful Goddess.

You took the 1st step in changing the way you see yourself…
the way you see anything & everything else…
and the way everyone – and the world – sees you.

Now it’s time for you to put you first again…

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Don’t you deserve to finally be happy?

To finally find THE ONE who truly completes you and WHO FEELS THE SAME WAY ABOut YOU?

Get the secrets… the secrets to finding the REAL love of your life. It’s time for you to claim what’s been eluding you, dancing just beyond your grasp. Even better? You won’t have to beg, cajole, persuade or pursue. With these secrets you will magnetically draw in THE ONE who will not only treat you like the beautiful, majestic, QUEEN that you are but who will want you to FEEL that way every single day… and night. And who will go out of their way ALL THE TIME to make sure you do.


What if you could have it all? AND MORE…

Make sure you not only get the love you deserve but that you keep and grow it!



Get BOTH the book and audio and SAVE. Plus get some scrumptious BONUSES!

☆ BONUS ONE: (3) Part Video Q&A Series about sex, intimacy, dating and relationships (From Allana’s Home Study Program, not available to the public)

☆ BONUS TWO: PDF eBook of The Top 5 Mistakes That Destroy a Conscious Relationship (and how to change them FAST)

  • Allana Pratt is a pillar of strength and inspiration for anyone on a journey of self-improvement. This dating, relationship, and intimacy expert offers deeply personalized advice for singles and couples in turmoil. She deftly explains hot dating topics like how vulnerability can be sexy, what men can do to get out of the friend zone, and how to ignite a wildly sensual relationship. Through her coaching, workshops, radio shows, books, and other self-help materials, Allana gives men and women the tools to transform themselves and their lives for the better. If you’re ready to take control of your relationships and awaken your core strength, Allana’s uplifting words of wisdom can show you the way.
    Hayley Matthews
  • There’s nobody better than you! You are such a gifted communicator and I loved talking with you. Thanks so much for the interview!
    Leeza Gibbons
    Actress / TV Personality / Client
  • Allana, you are THE best!! I am a 42 year old single mom of three girls that was in such a ‘frumpy’ stage…until I worked with you and now I’m full of “sexy”!! I’ve been seeing a man that is 4 years younger than me and was beginning to think I was “too old”… WHAT was I thinking!!! I’m HOT! You make me feel so good about who I am! Thank you! And a great big hug to you!!!!
    Bobbie Joe
    Consulting Client
  • After 2 calls with Allana I have experienced a new sense of power and confidence that has changed my perspective on life and allowed me to move through the world in a more direct and powerful way. You’re amazing Allana, thank you for your playful attitude and helping me to be true to who I am.
    Consulting Client
Leeza Gibbons

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